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IR Optics has the largest selection of filters available from a single source, including Bandpass interference Filters, colored-glass filters, metallic and absorptive neutral-density Filters.

Bandpass Filters
Interference Filters
Metallic ND Filters
IR Filters
Colored Filters
General Characteristics:  
Material BK7 / color glass / Fused Silica
Tolerance of dimension +/-0.1mm
Surface quality 60-40
Clear aperture 90%
Temperature Range -50C to +70C
Waveband range 200nm C 25000nm
Changchun Hengrun Optoelectronics Tech. Co., Ltd. 

IR Optics is a precision optics manufacturer offering short lead times,
Excellent products, and competitive prices.
AddressBuilding B15, North Lake Science and Technology Park,
Changchun city, China 130000
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2006 contact IR Optics for quality optics including beam splitters, filters,
Prismss, windows, mirrors, cylindrical Lenses, Lenses, aspheric Lenses, achromatic Lenses, retardation plates, gratings.