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Dear Customer:
We are pleased to present our optical products in here. We have added several new products this year, including Achromatic Cylindrical Lenses, Lenses of Germanium Material , Big Diameter¡¯s Windows.
Much of our business is custom design-to-process optical products, therefore please feel free to contact us for any request. We take pride in being able to offer you a quick response, of course, a quality product.
Thank you for your interest in our company. Whether you are a returning or a first time customer, we are committed to making your experience the best that we can.

     286th Torch Road, High-new Technology Development Zone,
                                      Changchun, Jilin province,China.130012
                     Phone: ++86- 431-88601057
++86- 431-88601067

General Manager :Angel Zheng
Sales Manager:Carly Chen
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Changchun Hengrun Optoelectronics Tech. Co., Ltd. 

IR Optics is a precision optics manufacturer offering short lead times,
Excellent products, and competitive prices.
Address£ºBuilding B15, North Lake Science and Technology Park,
Changchun city, China 130000
Tel: ++86- 431-88601057¡¢++86- 431-88601067 Fax:++86-431-88601082

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2006 contact IR Optics for quality optics including beam splitters, filters,
Prismss, windows, mirrors, cylindrical Lenses, Lenses, aspheric Lenses, achromatic Lenses, retardation plates, gratings.